Introduction to Additive Manufacturing.


Additive Manufacturing which is commonly known as 3D printing or Rapid Prototyping is the answer to Industries need of a system to enable faster prototype or functional part development.
Parametric Designs & Solutions in association with BCN3D ( Barcelona 3Dimensional) brings to the industry in India best-in class 3D printing Technology, enabling them to innovate better, faster and easily. The partnership with BCN3D is in line with our vision of providing the best-in-class 3D technology solutions to our customers. We believe that BCN3D printers are very well suited for the Indian industry as they are robust, efficient, versatile, adaptable and highly economical.
The new partnership arrives after BCN3D has presented the next generations in its additive manufacturing product line, the Epsilon Series and the Sigma Series. With the new Epsilon Series, BCN3D provides industrial power for the seamless daily operation of applications such as low volume production, functional end-use parts, and manufacturing aids in the workbench segment.

Key Features of BCN3D Printers.

  • Large Print Volume.
  • Powered By IDEX Technology.
  • Advanced Material Support.
  • Low Cost of Ownership.
  • High Print Quality.
  • Environment Friendly.