NX Automates and Streamlines the Process of Tool & Fixture Design.

Plastic Mold , Sheet Metal Tooling & Fixture Design

NX Mold Design & Progressive Die Design Solutions automate development process including part design, tool assembly layout, and detailed tooling design and validation using Process Simulation.

Plastic Mold Design

NX Mold Design automates and streamlines the entire mold development process including part design, tool design and motion validation. You can ensure fast response to design changes and high-quality molds.

Accelerate the design of the most challenging molds using advanced functionality, step-by-step guidance and associativity with part model to ensure fast response to design changes and quality molds.

  • Unique Mold Design Features.
    • Automates Cavity Layout
    • Core & Cavity Extraction
    • Design Change Control
    • Design Validation
    • Standard Mold Housing
    • Product Design Validation
    • Cooling Channels Design
    • Drawing Automation

NX Mold Flow Analysis Solution

NX Mold Flow ( NX EASY FILL ADVANCE ) Molded Part Validation enables you to examine 3D part models so you can identify features that could compromise the injection molding process. The automated checking allows you to identify draft angles, undercut areas, sharp corners and small radiuses, and other issues that can impede successful molding.

  • Capabilities Include
    • Auto Meshing
    • Melt Flow Time Simulation
    • Air Trap Simulation
    • Weld Line Simulation
    • Pressure Drop Analysis
    • Melt Front Temperature Prediction
    • Cooling Time Analysis
    • Sink Marks
    • Filling Curve Analysis

Progressive Die Design

Our solution guides you through all of the stages required to design a progressive die, automating the most tedious tasks and streamlining complex processes. Our software for progressive die design is a comprehensive solution for both straight break and free form sheet metal parts. You can design the complete die structure with associativity to the part design at every stage.

  • Capabilities
    • Automates Strip Layout
    • Optimizes Material Utilization by Nesting
    • Develops Complex Blanks
    • Creates Intermediate Stages
    • Standard Parts & Housings
    • Automates 2D Drawings
    • Predicts Early Product Feasibility – One Step Formablity